Adolescent & Teen Therapy


Adolescents and teenagers are going through some of the most drastic developmental changes they have experienced in their lifetime. They become aware of physical changes with their bodies that can make them feel self–conscious and awkward. Their emotional and social development is on overload. Their awareness of how they are perceived by their peers becomes increasingly acute.

All of these changes can be very confusing and overwhelming for your adolescent or teenager. They can feel frustrated, embarrassed and misunderstood when trying to communicate how these changes are impacting them. While they are maturing, they often lack the emotional language and insight to properly express themselves.

It is not uncommon for young people to feel misunderstood and alone. They may turn to isolating, drug use, sexual acting out, and/or self-harming behaviors. They may experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, as well as become more irritable and angry. The ability to feel safe to articulate feelings is an invaluable skill that adolescents and teens often have a difficult time developing on their own.

Fortunately, therapy can help provide a safe environment for your adolescent or teenager to learn how to express and understand their feelings in ways that promote interpersonal growth and family connection. Through therapy, they can grow their emotional awareness and develop successful tools for themselves in a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental environment. This can provide him or her with irreplaceable building blocks for the future.



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